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Provision for blockchains like Ethereum, Binance, Tether, and Solana, features like smart contracts, creation, import and trade of NFTs.
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As a means of exchange, algorithmically generated cryptocurrency tokens. Development and distribution of security, utility, and governance tokens based on guidelines like ERC-20. an in-game economy centred on tokens.
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When the user base grows, producers of the metaverse can add more features like virtual reality, gaming, content subscription, etc. after initially starting with less features.
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Gaming and Assets
Shared virtual environment where we may fully develop games across several genres. ability to import external assets as well as bespoke assets.

Our Metaverse Features

Visuals in High-Definition 3D Rendering

The complete virtual environment of your metaverse will be created by our animation team in high-fidelity 3D. Additionally, our metaverse developers make sure it operates without hiccups and is cross-platform compatible.

Economy Based on NFT

NFT digital plots of various types (office, restaurant, entertainment, etc.), on which users can bet money and sell or rent their plots. NFT import from outside sources is fully supported.

Maps With Virtual Worlds

Users' virtual plots can be used to create games and dioramas. The kinds of experiences that can be had depend on the land's classification. After creating these games and dioramas, users can make money by asking other users to play them.

e-commerce platform for virtual goods

Users will be able to purchase, sell, and trade NFTs like virtual real estate, voxel assets, and games on the NFT marketplace in the metaverse. Every transaction on this NFT marketplace may result in a percentage fee going to the platform owner.

Integrate and Build assets

the metaverse's incorporation of currently existing digital materials. Custom creation of fresh 2D and 3D assets in any art form in accordance with the needs of the metaverse owner.

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Why choose SPG Metaverse for your Metaverse Development

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To create an immersive and captivating user experience, developers and designers of the metaverse leverage the most recent frameworks, technologies, and game and behavioural design methodologies.
We have worked with a variety of blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance, Tether, Solana, and others. Decentralized games, applications, NFT-based games, and NFT platforms have all been produced by our developers.
Our developers, who have in-depth understanding of WebGL and ES, constructed the metaverse. The group has used these technologies to carry out a number of initiatives.
SPG art and animation Modelers, animators, rigger, texturing, and lighting artists make up the crew. Our staff has knowledge of a range of visual media, including games, AR and VR applications, animation videos, etc.