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SPG is a one stop destination to find assistance with developing your business and help it grow beyond boundaries. We have a vast expertise in providing quick, simple and accurate results for all your business concerns.

We do not limit our services to businesses but also provide a range of expertise to individual candidates for the betterment of their career. Joining SPG is a stepping stone for reaching new heights.

Our work culture at SPG is quite unique and is also very effective. Before planning the tasks based on the services asked, we perform a SWOT analysis on the business profile or the individual profile. Our analysis includes :

Who We Are

SPG America is an information technology solutions provider. We have a portfolio of IT services, which include IT consulting, application development, testing, enterprise and outsourced software solutions, and business intelligence consulting. Headquartered at New Jersey and an off-shore support center based in India, we develop world class projects at client's site. Our proven capabilities and project scopes are currently utilized by several leading technology companies. We have worked with diverse sectors on various levels, helping us gain invaluable experience. Having earned staffing positions in various industrial sectors like, finance, banking, and hardware manufacturing, we have established ourselves as the leading IT vendor since our inception. Our USP resides, in high quality, reliability and cost effective technological services and solutions for a global diaspora. We value innovative solutions and exhibit world class excellence by working continuously towards long term ROI to our clients and allied patrons.

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What We Do

SPG America is an IT service provider which delivers industry oriented talent and technological services to global IT clients and talent acquisitioners. With robust knowledge management and innovative work culture, we have scaled heights and are bound to offer superior results. We offer services on-site, off-site and off-shore services enabling strategic advantage to various kinds of reputed organizations around the world. If you are looking for a career worth exploring

Why Choose Us

The most effective strategy to accelerate your organization's growth is to enhance your digital presence with SPG America. Industry professionals are astounded by our team's technical expertise and IT solutions. We deploy talented personnel through our full-stack IT consulting and Staffing. Besides, we are also into Cloud Engineering Services and Consulting, Project Management etc. We have our headquarters in NJ-USA with operational hubs in Texas (U.S.), Hyderabad and Chennai (India) We aim towards providing the quality services and build strategic relationships, we also look forward to preferred partnerships. We have omnipresence of services in industries like Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Finance and Technology.

Our clients include Tata Consultancy Services, Ford, Salesforce and many more. Teams at SPG America are specialized in IT consulting, Network Engineering, Cloud Engineering and Consulting, Project Management, Sales Force Technologies, Insurance/Healthcare, Staffing and Recruitment.

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