How to Develop a Winning Spirit

winning spiritTo cultivate a winning spirit, there are multiple set of things to consider and certain factors which will impact this. 

Winning or victory for most of the individuals is to get to the top list among their competitors or for someone it is something else which will keep them on motivating to work hard. 

Let us consider an example here, for a student, winning means to score good grades in the examinations, for a businessman, to get more leads and expand the business is the victory, for a housemaker, to make her home and assist the people in the house in various tasks and looking after their wellbeing is the topmost priority. 

Based on the role and the character an individual dives in, the priorities and goals change accordingly. 

Why Winning Spirit? 

To win is our goal; our blood gushes with raging speed to reach that one goal which we set forth. 

Developing a winning spirit will provide us with the confidence that can beat down any kind of situation, break into many pieces and take the victory over. 

It is really hard to digest the fact that to be a winner is not an easy task, one has to go through multiple segments in order to be there where they want to be. 

Besides this, you may now ask us straightforward questions like why we are talking about the personal success of the individual and why not the corporate things are being discussed. 

This is exactly what we want to focus on, being in the corporate world, we must face situations where we encounter people with high winning spirits. They are the leaders and the future innovators. 

Learning from their lifestyle, way of life and leadership lessons of resilience can be a add on for all the aspirants who are willing to excel in their career. 

SPG America always keeps the viewpoints of the students first and works for their betterment. There are various occasions where we personally encountered with the students and collected their opinions on the career progression. 

Majority of them were only talking about winning and success. 

Of course, there is no wonder that success gives happiness and to get that in our pockets, we need to invest our time and energy on equal levels. 

Steps to Nurture the Winning Spirit 

The following are the few methods which we suggest you practice on a regular basis to develop a winning spirit. 

There are many other ways to become more confident as well, we will try to cover them all in the later part. 

Now let us dive in. 

  • Self-improvement.
  • Develop gratitude. 
  • Open to learning.
  • Work with a purpose.
  • Handling Rejection


One who cannot correct himself/herself cannot correct anyone else. 

This is the fact which we all need to agree upon. 

Self-improvement majorly focuses on the development of skills which will contribute to the personal growth. 

Analyzing other people’s behavior is easy, everyone can do that, but what a successful person can do is to reflect on himself but his self-growth. 

This is how leaders nurture their leadership skills and stands out from their competitors. 

Self-growth is an ongoing process and it consistency is going to keep this on the track.

We are going to have a detailed understanding to nurture this. Suppose there is a kid who has developed negative beliefs about any particular subject in school, then definitely it will be too tough for the student to handle the same subject in the future studies. 

Here, there are two options with the student: either to stop progressing by keeping a stall on the improvement areas in the subject and breaking the continuous learning, or to give space for positive thinking and excel in the career by accepting the positive feedback. On the other hand, read to adopt according to the changes or inputs received by others. 

Here, handling criticism, a positive thought process, and all the other good habits will emerge as the traits. 

If you are able to be like this, to accept things and move on and progress yourself and focus on things that are necessary, then that is the goal, you are just a tap away from becoming a winning spirit. 

Develop Gratitude:

We are living in a world where the concept of humanity and kindness are being questioned due to many adverse things which are happening around the world. 

You might be wondering why we are going to suggest you to be a soft-hearted being. Once done, practicing this will turn out into a successful person trait.

Feeling gratitude will develop more good habits like perseverance, patience, and masters the focused mindset establishment. 

If you are thankful for everyone and everything, they did to you, even if it is bad, then definitely you are going to taste the power of the winning spirit sooner than expected. 

Open to Learning 

No person is born with perfection. we must keep in mind perfection is just a segment that can be compared with other prospects. This is how growth is witnessed.

One who tries to become more perfect, then they are closer to the goals. 

Open to learning eliminates the fear of failure, casts away the egoistic attitude. This is going to gain much wisdom from the people around you who are even younger to you. 

We all are life long learners, and this how we can build a successful career. 

Work with a Purpose

“Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.”

 ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

To have a purpose is to have a vision. If you observe in our society, there are people who belongs to all types. Some are arrogant, negligent and never like to attend themselves to some good deeds. And on the other hand, people who stick to their own rules and guidelines and never allow them to break in any situation. 

In the above two categories, you will only attracted by the people belonging to the second category. This is because of their considerable behavior and humbleness. 

If you are working with a purpose in your mind,  things are going to be arranging in a proper manner. It is the power of being purposeful. 

A purpose-driven person will have plans and goal setting which is closer to real life. There will be no space for imagination. 

Handling Rejection:

This is not possible by many, but one who can hone it will become the successful human. 

Besides, rejection is everywhere, from childhood to the adulthood, it is seen in every walk of life and tackling it is the first thing to do. 

If we develop a skill that can handle the rejection of other people, it will be much easier to forgive and forget. 

Getting rejected doesn’t mean that the road ends right now, it is just a gateway that open multiple channels to explore. – Prasanna Dasari, Author. 


Having a winning spirit in our tactics will excel us in every phase of life. Both in career and life, we will be more successful and can lead a life with peace. 

But, before comes the hard work and practice. 

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