How SPG America is a Value-Added Factor for Students

value-added factor for students

SPG America is a career-based platform, here we provide opportunities for students to build their careers in the form of improving their skills and helping them to achieve their dream jobs by training them accordingly. We take this blog as a platform to provide some useful information to the students.

Career Guidance

In the name itself, it concludes that it is the process of getting advice from experts in making career decisions. In today’s time, Career Guidance has become essential. Most parents assume that they know the best for their children and they plan their careers according to their decision but it purely depends on one individual skills.

Career Guidance has become more challenging for graduated students, and choosing the right career in their field has become more confusing. Our present educational system has provided vast opportunities for students for their placement so the thinking of every individual has been changed.

SPG America career counselors guide students to understand the current market development and job opportunities, based on their knowledge, exploration, and capability level. When you are in doubt to choose your career path, then you can ask our counselors for their guidance, they are the right people to guide you in choosing a suitable career path. For example, ethical hacking, bar trending, astrophysics, and other fields are not known to the students. With thorough investigation and current guidance, SPG America career counselors allow making informed decisions.

Identifying the Skills of a Candidate:

Every individual student has to know about their skills to move forward in their career. Most of them don’t know about their skills even though there are experts in some specific fields but they failed to identify by themselves. For example, a student knows wants to do and says wants to become a Doctor. With the proper guidance, students will choose the right stream in the 10th standard, like, what entrance test to prepare for, searching for the best colleges to seek admission to, and what scholarships are available.

Students career path

SPG America’s career counselors use aptitude, personality, and other tests to help candidates identify their skills and make informed decisions. This process aids in identifying professional skills, allowing counselors to filter suitable jobs based on assessment results.

Improvising the Skillset:

Skills have the power to grow your career. Skillset is a collection of skills and abilities that can be applied to creative or professional work. Here, the career counselor improvises the candidate’s skills after having a section with the candidate. They will know complete information about the student so that they can guide them to improve their skills in the respective field. Moreover, our counselors are not only career experts but also understand human behavior. With the counselor’s knowledge, they motivate and guide people to follow high-yielding results.

Providing Timely Training:

Successful training leads to a successful career. Recently, companies prefer experienced candidates for their projects. Timely training will help the candidate for getting experience in their respective role. SPG America takes care of its candidates and will train them according to the career opportunities going through the market scenario. Counselors will have a training session with the students to update them regarding the new job roles which have been updated in the ongoing companies. Knowing the candidate’s interests, we will train them to face the hiring process.

Identifying the Gaps in Career:

The career gap breakdown reveals the gap between your qualifications and current skills for the desired job. For graduates unaware of their skills, it hampers career planning and wastes valuable time. As time waits for no one, failing to keep up with evolving company demands hinders collaborative thinking. SPG America will have the database of such candidates and they will approach them to provide proper guidance. We will update the students will the latest skills and helps them to set their carrier in the right way.

Growth in terms of Employment:

Employee development is how employees learn new skills and improve their knowledge over time to grow their careers, with support and guidance from their employers. Employees achieve career goals and a clear career path. The experiences and skills gained enhance their impact on current and future roles within the organization. SPG America fosters employment growth through initiatives such as encouraging professional development, assisting employees in creating development plans, providing mentorship, facilitating network building, challenging them with assignments, showing value and trust, and celebrating their growth.


SPG America is a value-added factor for students and it guides students to choose their right path. The article is based on the importance of guidance and why students must understand the role of career guidance and counseling while making career decisions.

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